Sensor Connectivity Made Easy


The array of in-built sensors, ability to interface to any industrial sensor, user programmability, and rugged enclosure means that Senquip telemetry devices can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications.


The Senquip ORB is designed to connect any industrial sensor or system, allowing remote sensor data to be made available anywhere in the world.

Multi Sensors

Measures voltage, current, frequency, duty cycle, thermocouple, RS232, RS485, MODBUS, CAN bus, position, speed, pitch, roll, vibration, temperature, pressure.

WiFi and 4G LTE

Utilises the latest 4G LTE CAT-M1 and CAT-1 network to ensure the best possible coverage whilst using the least possible power. WiFi connectivity allows for connection to local networks.

Send Data Anywhere

Measured data can be sent to the Senquip Portal or a server of your choice, no ongoing costs.

Write your Own Scripts

Users can write their own JavaScript to maipulate measurements, create complex alerts, or control connected devices.

Bluetooth Enabled

Listen to networks of Bluetooth sensors or enable the device as a beacon and view measured data on a phone or tablet.


GPS and GLONASS satellites are tracked to ensure accurate position and speed information.

Secure Data

Data integrity is ensured with the use of embedded certificates and secure communications methods.

Warnings and Alarms

Warning and alarm levels are configurable for each peripheral. Alerts can be generated for non-critical information events.

Versatile Power Requirement

Power is supplied by a 10V to 72V power supply, AA batteries, or solar. An internal battery supplies power in the event of a power outage.

Multi Protocol Support

UDP, MQTT and HTTP connectivity are supported, allowing connection to any company server or SCADA system.

Built Tough

Design to be used in harsh industrial environments, is IP67 rated, UV stabilised and chemical resistant.

Simple Setup

Settings and firmware can be updated remotely using the Senquip Portal, or locally via the embedded webserver.



ORB-X1 with WiFi communications

ORB-X1 with WiFi and 4G LTE CAT-M1 communications + GPS




ORB-C1 with WiFi communications

ORB-C1 with WiFi and 4G LTE Cat-M1 communications + GPS

ORB-C1 with WiFi and 3G/4G LTE CAT-1 communications + GPS

Welcome to our introductory video on the ORB-X1 and Senquip Portal.

Senquip Portal

The Senquip Portal is a secure cloud solution that is powered by AWS. The portal allows for viewing of current data, data storage, remote configuration, firmware updates, event forwarding and user account management.








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Senquip exists to simplify remote monitoring. We save our customers time and money by allowing them to monitor remote systems and sensors locally through the internet.


Senquip brings years of design experience to the problem of remote monitoring. Our philosophy is use leading edge technology to bring simple to use, relevant, connected solutions to harsh industrial environments.


Senquip undertands that the Remote Telemetry Units (RTU) that we manufacture will be used in harsh industrial applications, and so designs them to last in those environments.


Senquip believes that you own your data; we do not prescribe the use of a particular portal and all our devices can be configured to send data to a server or SCADA system of your choice. For customers who would like to use it, the Senquip Portal provides a secure cloud based server for monitoring, storage and remote configuration.


Senquip makes it easy to send measured data to the server of your choice. These are some of the dashboard, hosting, and big data partners that we work with.



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Senquip wins Outstanding Startup award at the Hunter Manufacturing Awards 2020


Automation Group - Automation and Remote Monitoring. Expert distribution and support of automation and remote monitoring technologies.

We offer you state-of-the-art remote industrial monitoring and control technology in mining, oil and gas, power, rail, traffic, water and sewerage industries

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Australia's leading integrator of control, monitoring and protection solutions for engines and machinery.

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Vehicle Technologies (VT) offer a range of fleet management and GPS tracking solutions suitable for fleets big and small, light vehicles, trailers, heavy machinery and more.

At VT our main point of difference is that don't offer a single brand or solution but rather a diverse range of products and services that we can select from to ensure what we propose is the perfect fit for our client's unique needs.

For any asset that has value in its location, movement and status being known and monitored, we can help!

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Understanding the industry in which you operate is critical to success. NTS has a mountain of telematics, electrical engineering and IT solution knowledge to draw on. We only employ proven professionals to meet the high standards that we set for ourselves.

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Choosing the right supplier for you tracking solution is important. Simply Unified provides a range of business grade quality products and services backed up by unrivaled customer service and support.

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New England Instrument Co. has, over many years, established a reputation for providing quality instrumentation solutions for almost every sphere of industry. Established in 1991 NEIC has over the course of 18 years become a leading supplier of instrumentation to the OEM, Wholesale and retail customer.

We understand that our customers are the core of our business and we have a team of specialized service technicians and technical sales staff that are available to provide you with the right product for the correct application. We welcome any and all feedback on our products and services.

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Powered by a workforce of 20 years of experience and expertise, WorkPoints is highly focused on delivering cutting edge, innovative and value-engineered

ICT solutions aimed to drive the market using Professional and yet personalized customer oriented services.

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SSE offers end-to-end solutions through innovative IOT products and concepts allowing all systems, processes, machinery

to become truly interconnected and interoperable, delivering a clear and holistic overview of what is

happening in every part of their business eco system while improving operational decision making, efficiency and profitability.

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