Sensor Connectivity Made Easy


Senquip exists to simplify remote monitoring. We save our customers time and money by allowing them to monitor remote systems and sensors locally through the internet.


Senquip brings years of design experience to the problem of remote monitoring. Our philosophy is use leading edge technology to bring simple to use, relevant, connected solutions to harsh industrial environments.


Our products are designed to be configurable, flexible and programmable in order to meet the needs of as many applications as possible. If you have an application for something a little different, contact us for a customised design.


Senquip believes that you own your data; we do not prescribe the use of a particular server and all our devices can be configured to send data to your chosen endpoint. For customers who would like to use it, the Senquip Portal provides a secure cloud based server for monitoring, storage and remote configuration.


The extensive array of in-built sensors, ability to interface to most industrial measurement devices and the rugged enclosure means that the Senquip ORB-X1 can be used in a wide variety of applications across many industries.


The ORB-X1 is designed to connect to almost any industrial sensor or system, allowing remote sensor data to be available anywhere in the world.

Simple Setup

The ORB-X1 is simple to setup using any phone, tablet or laptop in conjunction with the integrated webserver. Remote updates can be achieved using the Senquip Portal.

WiFi and GSM

The ORB-X1 utilises the latest CAT-M1 GSM network to ensure the best possible coverage whilst using the least possible power. WiFi connectivity allows for connection to local networks.

Secure Data

Data integrity is ensured with the use of embedded certificates and secure communications methods.


GPS and GLONASS satellites are tracked to ensure accurate position and speed information.

Cloud Services

Access to the Senquip Portal allows for viewing of data, storage, remote setup and firmware upgrades. The ORB also allows for secure connection to other servers.

Warnings and Alarms

Warning and alarm levels are configurable for each peripheral. Alerts can be generated for non-critical information events.

Versatile Power Requirement

The ORB can be powered by a 10V to 72V power supply, AA batteries or with solar. An internal battery supplies power in the event of a power outage.

Multi Protocol Support

SMS, UDP, MQTT and HTTP connectivity are all supported, allowing connection to any server.

Built Tough

The ORB-X1 is design to be used in tough industrial environments, is IP67 rated, UV stabilised and chemical resistant.


Users can write their own scrips to run on the ORB-X1; alternatively, ask the experts at Senquip to do it for you.

Senquip Portal

The Senquip Portal is a secure cloud solution that is powered by AWS. The portal allows for viewing of current data, data storage, remote configuration, firmware updates, event forwarding and user account management.




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