Machine Monitoring and Control

Connecting machines to the internet.

advantages in Machine Monitoring

Connect to Anything

Senquip devices connect to all brands and makes of engines and engine controllers. Whether your engine of choice is Cummins, Volvo, CAT, John Deer, or other, and your engine controller is Enovation, Deep Sea, ComAp, Kensho, SmartGen, Senquip will connect, measure, and control.

All Senquip devices have FD CAN, RS232, RS485, and Modbus interfaces to ensure compatability with your machine.

Process Everything

Senquip scripting means you are not limited to Modbus, J1939 and other common protocols. No matter the data format, a script can be written to interpret engine data and to control the start, stop, and engine speed of remote machines.

Scripts enable manipulation of measured data, design of complex alerts, control of attached devices, and generation of custom messages.

Send Anywhere

The Senquip Portal provides a no cost or low cost data viewing, storage, and configuration platform. Create your own graphical widgets and complex charts, and add butons to control remote machines.

If you prefer your own dashboard, Senquip devices can send data directly to any HTTP, or MQTT endpoint securely with no ongoing costs. Alternatively retrieve data from the Senquip Portal via the Senquip REST API.

Trusted Everywhere

Senquip devices are designed to operate in hot, dusty, and wet; industrial, mining, and agricultural environments. All our devices are made from UV resistant, flame retardant glass filled nylon, and are IP67 rated.

We monitor and control remote machines across Australia and the world.

Universal Measurements

The following measurements are commonly performed across many machine types.

Engine Hours

Enables more accurate service scheduling and quicker invoicing for rental fleets.

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Fuel Used

Facilitates carbon accounting as a component of ESG reporting.

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Fuel level

Ensures machines are able to operate when needed, increasing productivity.

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Fault Codes

Enables preventative maintenance and equips technicians with valuable insights.

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Prevents theft and loss of machines and enables location base billing.


Allows fleet owners to calculate return on investment and make purchasing decisions.

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Oil Quality

Optical detection is used to find iron and aluminium particles in hydraulic oil. Water, coolant, and diesel contamination is detected using oil quality sensors.


Connect to the most popular TPMS systems via CAN, RS232, or Bluetooth to ensure correct tyre pressure and over temperature detection.

Air Quality

Monitor the performance of your air conditioning system through the measurement of particulate, CO2, and cabin pressure to ensure compliance with ISO standards.


Look for changes in vibration amplitude with the inbuilt vibration sensor or connect to a high frequency sensor to measure power spectral density.

POPULAR Machine Applications

Lots of companies focus on light vehicles, Senquip monitors everything else.

Lighting Towers

Location, fuel level, engine hours, engine fault codes, bulb status, and remote start and stop.

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Start and stop control, fuel level, engine hours, flow rate, pressure, cavitation, and metering.

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Start and stop control, fuel level, engine hours, utilisation, and oil quality measurement.

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Wind speed, tilt, engine hours, fuel used, carbon footprint, boom up warning.

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Pressure, location, run hours, fuel, fault codes.

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Frost Fans

Start/stop control, location, fuel level, ambient temperature.

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Drill Rigs

Location, drill speed, penetration rate, mast angle, engine faults.

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Water Cart

Water level, flow. location, roll angle.

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Dust Extractors

Filter pressure, location, run hours, fuel, fault codes.

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Fire Pumps

Start/stop control, location, fuel level, ambient temperature.

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Location, tire pressure, engine fault codes.

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Electric Vehicles

Battery state, instantaneous power, regeneration time.

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