Telemetry for Harsh Environments

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Senquip manufactures rugged, user programmable telemetry devices that connect industrial sensors and systems to the Senquip Portal or a server of your choice.

Senquip ORB

The Senquip ORB is designed for extreme environments where IP ratings are essential and external antennas are likely to be damaged. Senquip ORBs are typically mounted up poles, on walls, and externally on machines.

Senquip QUAD

The Senquip QUAD is designed for harsh environments where there may not be a clear view of the sky and external antennas are a benefit. Senquip QUADs are typically found in electrical enclosures, in operator cabs, and mounted externally on machines.

Technical Specification

Mobile Connection4G/5G LTE CAT M1 or 2G/3G/4G LTE CAT 1, SIM card holder for user provided SIMInternal antennaExternal antenna
Wi-Fi802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz, supports WPA, WPA2, WPA3 authentication modesInternal antennaInternal antenna
GPSGPS, BeiDou, Galileo and GLONASS systems supported for location and speedInternal antennaExternal antenna
BluetoothBluetooth version 4.2: receive and transmit BLE advertising messages, connect and pair to bluetooth devicesInternal antennaInternal antenna
SerialRS232 and RS485, configurable RS485 termination resistor, capture, Modbus, and scripted modes 1 RS232, 1 RS4851 RS232, 1 RS485
CANHigh speed CAN FD, no limitation on protocol support12
Multipurpose IOAnalog, digital, frequency, pulse, Output sink and source, 4-20mA sink and source5
Mulipurpose IO2 x Analog + digital in, 1 x Output + analog in, 2 x 4-20mA current source Yes
AccelerometerPitch, roll, angle and vibration functionality. Wake from sleep.YesYes
Magnetic SensorConfigurable to wake device, enter setup mode, trigger script, or all optionsYesYes
TamperInbuilt tamper detectionYesYes
Power Supply10VDC to 75VDC, solar with inbuilt regulator, internal 1800mA LiPo backup batteryYesYes
AA Batteries4 x 1.6V Energiser Lithium batteries for low power, low update rate applicationsYesNo
Boost SupplyContinue to power external sensors when power is lost with internal supply boosted from backup battery12V fixed5-25V settable
Edge ProcessingWrite and deploy JavaScript applications to manipulate data, create alerts, control devices and more YesYes
ConfigurationVia embedded webserver, Senquip connect App, or online at the Senquip PortalYesYes
EndpointsThird party UDP, MQTT and HTTP endpoints with customised data packet formats supported
SecurityAES256 data encryption in transit and at rest, endpoint communications secured with PKI certificates
EnvironmentalOperating temperature -20oC to 80oC. Water ingress IP67.YesYes

Part Numbers

Part NumberFeatures
ORB-C1-GORB-C1 with Wi-Fi and 4G/5G LTE CAT-M1 communications + GPS
ORB-C1-HORB-C1 with Wi-Fi and 2G/3G/4G LTE CAT-1 communications + GPS
QUAD-C1-GQUAD-C2 with Wi-Fi and 4G/5G LTE CAT-M1 communications + GPS
QUAD-C1-HQUAD-C1 with Wi-Fi and 2G/3G/4G LTE CAT-1 communications + GPS

*Contact your in country distributor for Wi-Fi only options.

Senquip Portal

The Senquip Portal is a secure cloud solution that is powered by AWS. The portal allows for viewing of current data, data storage, remote configuration, firmware updates, event forwarding and user account management.


Group devices, display overview, manage subscriptions.


View device data, create infographics and charts.


Write your own scripts to analyse, control, and format data.


Download your data in CSV format or automate via API.


Compare measurements, look for anomalies.


Remote configuration and over the air firmware updates.

Portal Plans

Configure device from Senquip PortalConfigure device from Senquip Portal
Connection to a private serverConnection to a private server
View current data on Senquip PortalView current and historical data on Senquip Portal
User configurable update rates down to 5 minutesUser configurable update rates down to 5 seconds
Device scriptingDevice scripting
Portal access for 3 usersPortal access for 50 users
Over the Air (OTA) firmware updatesOver the Air (OTA) firmware updates
Export raw data
Trigger remote actions
Create custom data widgets
Create custom charts
Device to Device data messages (via Portal).
300 email alerts per month
100 SMS alerts per month
Senquip Cloud API access
*Every device includes a 90 day trial on the Hosted planAEMP API access

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