Senquip to Satellite

Had a call today with SpaceX to discuss operation of Senquip ORB and QUAD devices with Starlink V2 satellites. Starlink V2 incorporates a phase array antenna that will enable cellular to satellite services. First V2 launches will be on Falcon 9 before the end of this year.

2024 will see the advent of CAT-1 services over satellite with SMS being introduced mid-2024, followed by voice and data services towards the end of the year. Senquip will be ready.

T-Mobile (USA), Optus (Australia), Rogers Communications(Canada), One New Zealand NZ (New Zealand), KDDI Corporation (Japan), and Salt Mobile (Switzerland) have already signed up with further announcements expected soon.

Direct cellular to satellite will mean the end of dead-spots even in the most remote locations previously unreachable by traditional cell signals.

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