Telemetry with a Brain

Every application for telemetry is different. By giving our devices a brain, Senquip makes it easy to tailor telemetry to the application. All Senquip telemetry devices are user programmable with JavaScript.

Scripting on Senquip devices allows:

• Decoding of messages from serial and CAN-bus devices, even if they do not comply with industry standards.

• Mathematical manipulation and combining of data to produce insights.

• Local control due to a combination of measurements and external stimulus.

• The creation of complex alerts that may be dependent on more than one variable.

• Customisation of data payloads to be compatible with the dashboard of your choice.

Senquip manufactures rugged, programmable telemetry devices that interface to industrial sensors and systems, and deliver the data measured to the Senquip Portal or a server of your choice.

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