Fireproof the Future

Piece of plastic being burned by a blowtorch

We are always on the lookout for improved materials and so when an even more fire retardant plastic became available, we had to try it.

The plastics on a Senquip device perform a lot of functions. They must be crush-proof, rigid to ensure a tight seal, UV resistant, chemical resistant, fire retardant, and visually appealing.

Flame-retardant materials reduce the risk of products catching fire and slow down combustion. UL 94 (Underwriters Laboratories test standard UL 94) is the most widely used flammability test for determining relative flammability for plastic materials. It measures the ability of plastic part to extinguish the flame after ignition.

UL 94 V-0 is one of the highest ratings and specifies that a plastic material must self-extinguish within 10 seconds of ignition and any drips must not ignite. In industrial settings, using materials with higher UL 94 ratings, like V-0 or V-1, is vital to enhance safety and minimize fire propagation risks during incidents.

At Senquip, we prioritise safety. That’s why our devices now incorporate UL 94 V0 enclosures, providing an additional layer of fire safety.

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