New Firmware Available Now

Senquip is pleased to have released new firmware for ORB and QUAD devices. The new firmware adds a host of new features which include:

• Network configuration over Bluetooth with the Senquip Connect app. 📱
• 10 custom hour-meters have been added. 💡
• Wi-Fi access point allows Wi-Fi sensors to connect. 💥
• 8 slots have been added for auto repeating CAN messages. 🚒
• Serial devices can now be powered by the Senquip device.
• Parameters can be dispatched from anywhere in a script.
• Up to 2000 characters can be dispatched to the Senquip Portal. 👓
• GPS location can be fixed for demonstrations. 🌍
• WiFi MAC address has been added to diagnostics.
• Various power consumption reductions. 🔋
• Firmware updates now receive progress indication.

Firmware can be updated from the Senquip Portal at no cost to users. For more details, see the Device Firmware Change List.

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