Settlement Monitoring

I love interesting sensors and had never heard about extensometers. So, when the opportunity to work with UK based Osprey Measurement Systems presented, we jumped at it. The task; to make remote extensometer and inclinometer data available to customers anywhere in the world.

Extensometers are used to measure ground settlement, deformation, and the behaviour of soil and rock under various loads. They are widely used in structural engineering to monitor the deformation and strain in buildings, bridges, dams, and other structures. Civil engineers use them to monitor the settlement and movement of foundations, slopes, and retaining walls. In mining and tunnelling operations, they are used to monitor the deformation of rock masses to ensure the safety of mining operations and to prevent collapses.

Osprey Measurement Systems manufactures a range of low power extensometers and inclinometers for civil, mining, rail, and other applications. The install location of the sensors is often remote. Senquip telemetry devices interface to the extensometers and inclinometers and report measured data to users anywhere in the world.

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