Quarterly Update Q4 2023

HMA Awards

Senquip is thrilled to have been awarded Manufacturer of the year at the recent Hunter Manufacturing awards.The HMA 2023 theme of made in the Hunter for the world was perfect for Senquip as we expand into Europe and the USA.The Senquip QUAD was also awarded the Excellence in Product Design award – an excellent rend to the year for Senquip.

ESG Reporting

Senquip is seeing a surge in Environmental, Social, and Governance reporting applications where machine owners are using telemetry to measure and report the carbon footprint of diesel machines.

Distributor for Netherlands and Belgium

Senquip extends a warm welcome to Techno Gamma as distributor in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Senquip to Satellite

2024 will see the advent of CAT-1 services over satellite with SMS being introduced mid-2024, followed by voice and data services towards the end of the year. Senquip will be ready.

Enhanced Charts

Portal charts have been upgraded to include pan, zoom, and download features.  Second graphs can now be added to a chart and a second axis will be added.Hover over the chart to see instantaneous values.

Password Simplification

Senquip is simplifying the password processes to reduce setup complexity.

Passwords can now be retrieved from the Senquip Portal by Administrators.  

Passwords will no longer be required to access devices in the factory reset state.

Further simplifications coming soon.

New Distributor for South Africa

Senquip would like to welcome ECS – Engine Control Systems as Senquip distributor in South Africa.

Distributor for Spain and Portugal

Senquip is pleased to announce the appointment of Kaiser-Soze as distributor for Spain and Portugal.Senquip is pleased to announce the appointment of Kaiser-Soze as distributor for Spain and Portugal.

Diagnostics Page

The new diagnostics page provides details of connectivity with SIM and carrier details shown, received signal strength (RSSI) graphed for Wi-Fi and LTE, and the status of 3rd party UPD, HTTP, and MQTT endpoints detailed.

Bulkhead Antenna

 A bulkhead mount antenna is now available for the Senquip QUAD.  Order using part number: QUAD-ANT2.

Spare adhesive mount antennas are also available if required.

Data Ownership

Senquip has updated their Terms of Service and  Privacy Policy to make it clear that customers own their data, and that Senquip will not use or sell customer data. 

New Sensor

Extensometers measure ground settlement, deformation, and the behaviour of soil and rock under various loads. 

Osprey Measurement Systems manufactures a range of low power extensometers and inclinometers for civil, mining, rail, and other applications.