Quarterly Update Q1 2024

Graphical Interface

Senquip is thrilled to announce the release of user customisable widgets for the Senquip Portal. Users can now create their own graphical displays that convey measured data in a way that is meaningful to the user.

Enhance your widgets with images, text, data, dynamic level indicators, and status lights.

Senquip Portal showing graphical widgets that can be customised by users.

Water Sensor

Senquip QUAD devices now have an integrated moisture detector to alert the user of any moisture-related issues. 

The placement of the moisture detector along the edge of the PCB positions it as the first element affected by water ingress when the device is vertically mounted.

New Distributor for UK

Senquip extends a warm welcome to Hydrotechnik as distributor for the UK.

Hydrotechnik UK Test Engineering Ltd is one of the UK’s leading test and measurement equipment distributors and manufacturers, servicing industries from construction equipment to Formula One since 1990.

Scripting Updates: The following new functions are available in the scripting language:

  • SQ.modbus_read() helper function
  • SQ.modbus_write() helper function
  • GPS.fix() to fix GPS location
  • SQ.dispatch() now usable in any function
  • HTTP.post_active_count() to get the number of active connections.

Cavitation Detection in Pumps

Cavitation results in significant damage to pumps. It can be detected using the vibration sensor in Senquip devices or for more precise diagnosis, by monitoring the power density in a range of vibration frequencies using an external sensor like the KPV200.

Modbus Updates

Support for Modbus has been enhanced, adding 64 bit Modbus reads, faster Modbus response processing, configurable frame delay, and the ability to delay Modbus reads to allow for sensor boot time where the senquip device is powering the sensor.

Senquip Connect App

The Senquip Connect app is a mobile application that allows users to connect to nearby Senquip devices using Bluetooth.

The app allows users to configure network settings on a device while in Setup Mode and to view device data.

Data from a Senquip device is transmitted via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) advertisements. The app listens for these advertisements and displays the data in a user-friendly format. 

The Senquip Connect app is available for Android and IOS mobile and can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Devices must be running the latest development firmware revision to use the Senquip Connect App.

Rain Gauge Solution:

We were impressed with this neat rain gauge solution from Automation Group.

The rain gauge uses a Senquip QUAD and industry standard rain gauge.  It runs on replaceable batteries to offer a stand alone solution to rain monitoring in remote locations.

Data is sent directly to a common water monitoring platform with no ongoing portal costs for the customer.

Diagnostics Page

The diagnostics page now reports 3rd party endpoint status to assist with diagnosing troublesome endpoints.

The diagnostics page is available to Admin and User user types.

Over the Top?

The award for the most colourful Senquip Portal device page goes to Brandon, the developer of the widgets functionality on the Senquip Portal!

If you have an idea to make the Senquip Portal more usefult to you, please let us know at support@senquip.com.

End of 3G in Australia:

Vodafone ended 3G services in December 2023, and Telstra and Optus are expected to follow suit in June and September 2024, respectively.

By discontinuing the 3G network, providers can repurpose 3G radio frequency bands to improve their 4G and 5G services. 

Senquip devices are 5G ready!

Remote Start / Stop

Senquip devices are compatible with Enovation, Deep Sea, ComAp, Kensho, SmartGen, and other popular engine controllers used in pumps, generators, lighting towers, compressors, drill rigs, ag equipment and more. 

Monitor position, engine speed, fuel level, battery voltage, engine hours, fault codes and more. Remotely start and stop machines anywhere in the world.